Ingratiating [adjective]

Definition of Ingratiating:

fawning, servile

Synonyms of Ingratiating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ingratiating:

Sentence/Example of Ingratiating:

But in May, 1819, he was recalled to France, and soon found means of ingratiating himself with the Bourbons.

I have looked in,” said Aristide, with his ingratiating smile, “to see whether you are ready to go to the Madeleine.

"Can't bear to stay near a man that mentions so much money in a breath," said Scattergood, with his most ingratiating grin.

This is a thing I would despise in anybody else; but he is so jolly insidious 240 and ingratiating!

To Buckingham and Company the idea of governing such a "simpleton," and thus ingratiating themselves with the King, was enticing.

Larry found himself smiling back into the ingratiating, irresponsible, boyish face.

She has repeatedly used basket ball favors as means of ingratiating herself with wealthy 234 students.

Thomas, being summoned, proved to be a tall lad possessing an honest and ingratiating smile, adorning a fair and open countenance.

Never have I seen a small chunk of a boy with such a large, ingratiating smile as Geordie's.

"They are indeed," replied Thang-li, with that ingratiating candour that marked his whole existence.