Ingratitude [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ingratitude:

Equally important is for parents to instruct children to appreciate the damage that ingratitude can cause.

Say that my anger has no bounds—that my heart is breaking—will break and kill me, if he persists in his ingratitude and cruelty.

Planner, in these three words, could only read—ingratitude—the basest it had ever been his lot to meet.

He carried the note to Planner—he thrust it into his face, and called him to account for his baseness and ingratitude.

He could not complain of the neglect of mankind, or of the ingratitude of those he served.

She was far too sensible for ingratitude, and fully appreciated the gifts that life had so liberally dealt her.

God comforts his church, promising to protect her for ever: he expostulates with the Jews for their ingratitude.

It seems a misapprehension to suggest either selfishness or ingratitude on the part of the dying King.

After many benefits, great affliction shall fall upon the ten tribes, for their ingratitude to God.

God reproaches the Jews with their ingratitude: and the priests for not offering pure sacrifices.