Ingress [noun]

Definition of Ingress:

the act or right of entering

Synonyms of Ingress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ingress:


Sentence/Example of Ingress:

Many facilities often cordon off their internal networks from the internet as a whole in order to try and prevent creating points of ingress that hackers can attack.

It is true that sometimes they have to provide means to prevent the ingress of too much water; but this is very easily done.

Two doorways, one on each of the faces which looked into the enclosure, offered ingress.

But Renwick was not sure that there was no other means of ingress.

Into this opens all their dwellings, the door being far below the surface, so that free ingress and egress are secured.

Then a peculiar knock was given on a particular door, which at once promptly opened to give them ingress.

The change which Cap had made permitted the better ingress of air into Shadow's prison-pen, and he could now breathe more easily.

The door was old and feeble, so that one good slam would doubtless hurl it back, and give them free ingress.

A window broken in the kitchen, and a wide-open sash had showed the exploring Gussie the means of ingress.

The aperture thus left forms the port of ingress for the hot metal (see Fig. 61, M).