Inhabiting [verb]

Definition of Inhabiting:

take up residence in

Synonyms of Inhabiting:

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Sentence/Example of Inhabiting:

Of all the roles they inhabit, shareholder is a relatively minor one.

The 18th-century founders inhabited a world that seems, from our vantage, almost impossibly strange.

Some cookies allow certain pieces of content to inhabit a site, such as embedded YouTube videos, Twitter sharing buttons, Facebook log-in forms.

Midway between the Orkney and Shetland islands, Britain’s most remote inhabited island is synonymous with the knitting technique to which it gave its name.

This species could have inhabited an ecological niche that was empty after the extinction—until a more modern bird drifted back into it much later.

Some of the tribes inhabiting the district of the lower Amazon indulge in snuff-taking.

Burning of London bridge, when 3000 persons inhabiting that borough perished in the flames.

They levy money on subjects not inhabiting the colony (and consequently not represented in the General Court).

Abenakies, a nation formerly inhabiting a large part of the territorial area of the states of New Hampshire and Maine.

Accomentas, a band, or division of the Pawtucket Indians inhabiting the northerly part of Massachusetts in 1674.