Inhales [verb]

Definition of Inhales:

breathe in

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Sentence/Example of Inhales:

N95 masks have already been shown to both protect people wearing them from inhaling coronavirus-bearing droplets, and reduce the risk of them spreading the virus by breathing.

This would require inhaling hydrogen instead of oxygen, metabolizing it with acetylene instead of glucose, and exhaling methane instead of carbon dioxide.

Some companies are repurposing these drugs, which could be inhaled.

Nowadays, inhaling six or seven hot dogs a minute for 10 minutes mostly leads to digestive problems.

Gilead announced July 8 that it soon would begin a clinical trial to test an inhaled form of the drug.

If the inhaled form is safe and effective, it might be used to treat people at home.

As our bodies use the oxygen we inhale, for example, we produce waste carbon dioxide.

The helmsman led me to the side of the vessel, and told me to hold my head overboard, and inhale the air.

I straddled his neck and pushed his head into the milk so that he was forced either to drink it or inhale it.

As soon as conscious breathing was necessary it was my custom deliberately to inhale on one step and exhale on the next.