Inherently [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Inherently:

That makes the future of green hydrogen inherently dependent on rising production of low cost, reliable energy from sources like wind and solar.

She said it shouldn’t be viewed as inherently problematic that workers relied on government programs for benefits as long as companies were paying their fair share to the government.

Transportation, she argued, is inherently an environmental issue.

We try to tell a balanced story, but it’s an inherently messy, inefficient process.

So have some food trucks, with an inherently outdoor nature, as well to-go cocktails enjoyed by drinkers on the go or in parks.

The shift from one geometry to the other is impossible in classical general relativity — it is an inherently quantum process.

“It’s an opportunity for brands to be a part of something inherently local, topical and engaging in the communities we serve,” said Ostrow.

Authenticated first-party data is inherently rooted in trust and transparency, and when this is combined with effective measurement, it can deliver more for all parties.

Whether we are talking about making empirical observations or developing theories to make predictions, the language of physics is inherently metrical and mathematical.

Factor in all the cash people spend on dining and entertainment inside those bright, windowless boxes and you’ll understand why casinos are inherently good businesses.