Inheres [verb]

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The position of the words gives them an importance that does not inhere in the words themselves.

If it inhere in essences, or if it be an accident, as health is an accident of man, it must be something individual (like health).

Now why should unity not inhere in the object as well as greatness and magnitude, sweetness and bitterness, and other qualities?

As to the fourth category, relation, absolutely no887 reality whatever will inhere in it.

God created atoms without magnitude or quality, and he likewise created qualities to inhere in groups of atoms.

The various qualities and attributes which inhere in this corporeal matter are caused by the spiritual substances above.

But this is an empirical notion and cannot be said to inhere in the mind itself.

These changes are not arbitrary, but inhere in the laws and euphony of human language.

It is the special interest that is assumed to inhere in the God-state that is the menace to peace everywhere.

It is but a fresh instance of the stubborn vitality which seems to inhere in the hoary superstitions of the past.