Inherit [verb]

Definition of Inherit:

gain as possession from someone's death

Synonyms of Inherit:

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Sentence/Example of Inherit:

And, all ad groups and keywords will inherit bidding from their parent campaign.

As he pointed out in his recent State of the City address, the budget he inherited is in trouble.

The psychologists who designed these tests in the early 20th century believed, incorrectly, that you inherited “intelligence” from your family and nothing you might do would change it.

Fortunately, Bush inherited his father’s sense of humor along with his two left feet.

Political corruption, economic inequality and violence are organic features of American society, and they reflect the same legacies of racism that international development inherited from the Enlightenment.

He will inherit a Jets squad that has 10 picks in the 2021 NFL draft, including the No.

Support is also fading for the Prime Minister who inherited office—and the Games—in September.

After all, someone, at some point, would inherit that base of political support.

Stories convey history, culture and most importantly, the values we inherit and pass on in traditions and teachings.

The friend did exactly as requested —and eventually inherited his entire estate.