Inherited [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inherited:

A great-granddaughter of Fragonard, she seems to have inherited his talent; Corot and Renoir forcibly appealed to her.

He had two children, a boy and a girl, who inherited the northern and southern ranches in equal shares.

Power, and inherited influence, and exalted social position have a deadly insinuation.

Her mother had inherited a small fortune from Agnes' grandma and this Barr had sought to secure.

He inherited in exaggerated degree his mother's highly strung nervous nature.

The sister opened her eyes very wide when the lawyer wrote to her that she had inherited 50,000 francs.

Sarah was intelligent and well trained; she inherited all her mother's aptitude for rule and order.

The young daughter was idolized by every one in her family and naturally inherited all their fortune after some ten years.

Unless the proper home influence is thrown around a child, he can not help suffering from the inherited sins of his parents.

The Mexicans especially had turned their eyes on a chief who bore the name and had inherited the blood of the unhappy Montezuma.