Inheritor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Inheritor:

He was the inheritor of that side of his father's policy which was most distasteful to the Whigs.

He saw the woman who loved him, and whom he loved, tagged and claimed by a contemptible pygmy, the accidental inheritor of wealth.

Consent to marry me, and on our wedding-day I will prove you the legal inheritor of an honorable name and a great fortune.

Only in case of a childless inheritor did they go to a niece or nephew.

He may be regarded as the last direct inheritor of the traditions of Masaccio.

His death was an awful blow to Liszt, for he used to say, "He will be the inheritor of my playing."

This was to be sent to the residence of the inheritor of this property.

He was born at the best period of the Renaissance, he was the inheritor of the freedom for which other painters had striven.

But the inheritor of poor eyesight, weak lungs, and a bad temper has a shorter period for repairs.

The eldest degraded himself by the looseness of his life and marriage, and died the inheritor of an empty title.