Inhibiting [verb]

Definition of Inhibiting:

restrict, prevent

Synonyms of Inhibiting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inhibiting:

Sentence/Example of Inhibiting:

Sodium also inhibits the growth of bacteria, making it almost ubiquitous in many categories of processed and packaged foods.

For the Covid-19 vaccine, side effects from the first dose, scheduling conflicts, or supply shortages may inhibit recipients from getting the second dose.

Its short wavelength also inhibits its ability to travel distances or go through walls, which is part of why the Wi-Fi alliance sees such a strong future for 5G and Wi-Fi to complement each other down the road.

When those brain chemicals were inhibited by naltrexone and rimonabant, belief no longer mattered.

Climate change should not be up for debate, but too often the conversation focuses solely on the veracity of claims about the climate crisis, hitting an immediate roadblock and inhibiting our ability to further the discussion on possible solutions.

He would be losing two years of his prime, and his contract would be inhibiting the Wizards from building around Beal.

Moving too fast will inhibit your ability to maintain proper mechanics.

CamelBak uses its “Hydroguard” technology that inhibits bacterial growth, and the bladder is made from 100 percent BPA-, BPS-, and BPF-free plastic.

The drug not only inhibited viral replication in lab-grown cells, but also successfully treated 10 out of 10 coronavirus-infected cats that developed severe disease.

It was a week of strained tenseness; a certain electricity seemed at hand in the atmosphere, inhibiting speech.