Inhibits [verb]

Definition of Inhibits:

restrict, prevent

Synonyms of Inhibits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inhibits:

Sentence/Example of Inhibits:

The temperature 42° C. destroys ordinary water bacteria and inhibits the growth of many ordinary mesophilic bacteria.

The ordinary optical iridectomy divides the sphincter iridis and so inhibits the activity of the pupil.

We thus see that while the stem inhibits the growth of the leaves connected with it, the latter accelerate the growth in the stem.

It reinforces, inhibits, redirects habits already working or stirs up others which had not previously actively entered in.

A recent ukase of the Czar's inhibits any member of the Imperial family from purchasing so much as a brass samovar on credit.'

This step is taken because it has been shown that glycerol inhibits the effectiveness of the antibiotics.

Strain inhibits—paralyses—all of the glandular functions and deranges the nervous nicety of adjustment.

On this view the dominant white fowl is a coloured bird plus a factor which inhibits the development of the colour.

An Antiseptic is a substance which inhibits and stops the growth of the bacteria of putrefaction and decomposition.

In all such cases, the motor area facilitates or inhibits the action of the lower centers.