Inhumanly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Inhumanly:

Give me none of your logical madness; whatever standard you adopt, do not reason so inhumanly.

Yea, in the full gaze of inhumanly large policemen would he do these things.

In this way they showed that they knew they had acted not only inhumanly but foolishly.

For you have treated me so inhumanly, that I have some reason to resent it.

Her moral worth holds man in some restraint and preserves his ways from becoming inhumanly corrupt.

The flourishing city of Mentz was surprised and destroyed; and many thousand Christians were inhumanly massacred in the church.

The queen of the Suevi bewailed the death of a husband inhumanly massacred by her brother.

No one unaided, could be quite so inhumanly vacuous as the audiences in the theatres expected him to be.

Could it be possible that she was aware of her influence, and that she inhumanly trifled with this man's affection?

It seemed to me that it could not be so unnaturally, so inhumanly still, if there were a living, breathing creature there.