Inimitable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inimitable:

Liszt gave it with a velvety softness, clearness, brilliancy and pearliness of touch that was inimitable.

This English country and these wonderful old houses, with their inimitable atmosphere, appeal to me very strongly.

I have learned a great deal from these tiny variations, taught in Deppe's inimitable fashion.

But give me a comprehensive idea of the place, in your own inimitable unvarnished diction.

Corneille cannot be equalled where he is excellent; he shows then original and inimitable characteristics, but he is unequal.

This sense of guilt, this disposition to go back—this attitude of apology—it is speaking, inimitable!

Xenophon is the last of the trio of the Greek historians whose writings are classic and inimitable.

Then the trio made the wood ring with shouts of merriment, and threw themselves into inimitable contortions.

I went up in this boat, one morning, and the trip afforded me one of the finest views I had of this inimitable cataract.

Her energy was in the slowness; but for inimitable strength, I felt she would have run, she would have flown to me.