Initials [noun]

Definition of Initials:

logo, symbol

Synonyms of Initials:

Opposite/Antonyms of Initials:


Sentence/Example of Initials:

I rubbed in the spot indicated, and out came the crest and initials exactly as Jack had described them.

To Lucy Warrender, who now heard of the matter for the first time, these initials were no enigma.

Her name and his initials were all that was written in the book; very carefully she cut out the entire page.

There was nothing in the pockets of the overcoat, but inside the hat he found pasted the initials L. P.

We might cite the initials of many more of those who found themselves, not without some mutual surprise, side by side in one room.

A silver cup is the usual present, with your little namesake's initials, or full name, engraved upon it.

You file some papers, you collate some register, you sign your name or your initials to some documents.

Is it possible that money orders could be sent to someone just by using initials or some shorthand name?

Many of the lines are wavy and irregular and there are no woodcut initials or ornaments of any kind.

All other information comes from the Norwegian edition and some illustrators initials.