Initiated [adjective]

Definition of Initiated:

introduced into

Synonyms of Initiated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Initiated:


Sentence/Example of Initiated:

The DHS inspector general initiated its investigation in late September.

The virus could be reintroduced via cold-chain transportation of contaminated items and might initiate an outbreak.

Why Smith initiated so much charity at this point is unclear.

Upon further questioning, the survey source revealed that respondents were predominantly Millennials and mostly re-ordering or completing saved carts, initiated presumably from other devices.

State records show that the number of completed evictions has fallen during the pandemic but that landlords still initiate thousands of new cases every week despite the bans.

Charles pointed out that she was the one who initiated the trade talks.

Shifting money to social workers might help reduce violence, Bowser said, but most interactions with the public are initiated by deputies out in the field.

Anderson, who knew no one in New York, and had nowhere else to stay, recalls feeling that she had no choice but to go along when he initiated sex.

The player self-isolated and the contact-tracing process was initiated, according to the Giants’ statement.

Before La Russa ever sets foot in the dugout, he will need to initiate honest discussions with those players and others about his stance on those matters.