Initiates [verb]

Definition of Initiates:

start, introduce

Synonyms of Initiates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Initiates:

Sentence/Example of Initiates:

The President initiates a treaty and the Senate confirms it.

The one whose duty it was to officiate at the reception of initiates stood in the center.

The warrior initiates, whereas the legislator completes the organization of society.

This was, likely, secretly taught by word of mouth as Qabbalah or Oral Tradition to the initiates, and was never put into writing.

Within the medicine lodge, Murray was instructing the chosen initiates in some sort of mystic rites.

In the first case the right squad initiates the column right as soon as it has completed the squad right.

Number two initiates the movement, number one thrusts as soon as the opening is made, and number two then attempts to parry.

It initiates you into the duskiness, the blackness, the crowdedness, the intensely commercial character of London.

Some of them were automatic weapons in the $28 class, and others were of the common variety used by small boy initiates in crime.

Its initiates found large satisfaction in playing it off against their rivals.