Initiating [verb]

Definition of Initiating:

start, introduce

Synonyms of Initiating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Initiating:

Sentence/Example of Initiating:

Newsham said police must turn on their cameras as soon as they initiate a traffic stop, generally at the same time that they activate their emergency lights.

San Diego Unified leaders, who have been under pressure for weeks to provide more details about when they might initiate a widespread back-to-school plan, set a tentative date for the second phase of their school reopening plan.

The Clinton administration initiated the Microsoft case, the Bush DOJ was less interested and settled it.

Keeping your chest forward and head up, initiate the movement by stepping your opposite hand and knee forward.

To initiate feeding, the first pump opens to lower the pressure and draw the blood up into the proboscis.

If the call is answered, businesses will hear a recorded message that the call that was initiated on Google.

If employees plan to vote early through a mail-in ballot, this is another process that needs to be initiated sooner rather than later.

Two drug companies in particular, Eli Lily and Regeneron, have initiated early clinical trials of their monoclonal antibody products.

The organization and the police initiated a “rescue attempt” but Amreen refused to return home to her mother.

Still, the hospital police forces initiate most of their own arrests and citations, often prompted by a traffic stop, a call from hospital staff or someone acting suspicious.