Initiatory [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Initiatory:

The initiatory ceremony for full membership is now a mock duel in which the arm alone is wounded.

The duties assigned to young medical officers were unimportant—​initiatory rather than definite in kind.

Mr. Howitt has viewed the initiatory ceremonies of more than one tribe, and is familiar with their inmost secrets.

Urging Virgin Luck not to quit his initiatory table, the captain reluctantly went at their heels.

Their very position, became thus the initiatory step in their assent to power.

That is the object of the organization, declared in the very words of the initiatory obligation.

You must not, however, practise this initiatory lesson too frequently, lest you give him the wretched custom of pottering.

I trust you will not object to the minutiæ of these initiatory lessons, and fancy you have not time to attend to them.

As I before observed, you can practise most of the initiatory lessons in your country walks.

The first that springs up near him will test the perfection to which he has attained in his initiatory lessons.