Injudicious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Injudicious:

Lynn saw that his remark was injudicious, and endeavoured to atone for it, by the most delicate assiduity of attention.

To soil either would be injudicious, impolitic, and she never desired the injudicious and impolitic.

And for this they would have had to thank their injudicious champions in both Houses of Parliament.

She was no private character; it was, therefore, an injudicious resistance of his authority.

This injudicious speech was duly reported to the marquis, who, stung to the quick, quitted the lady for ever.

Let not indiscriminate familiarity be shown towards all partners, nor injudicious familiarity towards any.

The ill-assorted and injudicious attire of the individual only served to render his awkwardness more conspicuous.

The distemper is increased by his injudicious and preposterous endeavours, or pretences, for the cure of it.

It was at such a moment as this that he should have been left to do his work without injudicious impediment from his rider.

And then Gould was an injudicious flatterer; he made the flattered fellow uncomfortable.