Injuries [noun]

Definition of Injuries:

hurt, harm

Synonyms of Injuries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Injuries:

Sentence/Example of Injuries:

Persistent glycosuria has been noted in brain injuries involving the floor of the fourth ventricle.

At that moment the crime and inefficacy of bloodshed, in avenging injuries like his, or any injuries, struck upon his soul.

Yet he forebore to specify his injuries; saying, that to name them, would be to stigmatize the whole human race.

A chauffeur may recover damages from his employer for injuries received while operating his car.

The injuries done to stockholders by their directors remain for consideration.

He submitted to the injuries inflicted on him by his enemies; he bare the load of God's wrath; he laid down his life.

Fort Bizoton, Port-au-Prince, blown up by its commandant, in revenge of some supposed injuries received from his superiors.

Its gratitude for favors and remembrance of and revenge for injuries are evidences of its possession of the moral attributes.

A very characteristic set of symptoms develops sometimes after injuries in the temporal region or just above it.

I patted her head, feeling entirely incompetent to console her for what injuries I could not imagine.