Injustices [noun]

Definition of Injustices:

unfair treatment; bias

Opposite/Antonyms of Injustices:

Sentence/Example of Injustices:

As to repenting of my injustices, I've done no injustice and I repent of nothing.

Man does at least try to correct the injustices his God is said to have created.

His wholly sweet spirit could not be soured by the injustices and insolences that came into his life.

He was called to account for the sums he had spent as chancellor, and for various alleged injustices.

Driscoll raged at concrete mistakes and injustices in the scheme of things as presented to Richard Driscoll.

Sydney Smith mentions as one of the injustices to the prisoner his inability to give evidence.

History is full of injustices, but never a greater among them all than the christening of America.

It revealed constantly the inexplicable subtleties and seeming injustices of nature.

It seemed as though the rare and final moment for the righting of vast wrongs, for the ending of great injustices, were at hand.

Only God sees life as a whole, sees how its seeming inconsistencies and injustices blend into a harmony.