Inked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inked:

It was a dainty bit of gray Japanese tissue with the crimson-inked text glowing gaily across it.

It is also, of course, used for drawings which are afterwards "inked in."

The notes were placed within columns that were inked out years ago when he began the monumental work.

The lines are then inked in, the pencil lines rubbed out, and the drawing will appear as in Figure 130.

He had a grand time, revelling with pen and pad and littering the floor with inked sheets unnumbered and still wet.

Whistler brought his own ink, put on an apron, inked the plate as he would an etched one, while the whole shop looked on.

When this was ready, the first plate was inked with white paint instead of black ink.

The screw was then turned down until the platen pressed the paper against the inked type, and produced a printed sheet.

The cylinder then carries the sheet around, meets the moving inked form, and makes the impression.

The word Leonore is crossed out and Fidelio written at the side in red pencil afterwards inked over.