Inkling [noun]

Definition of Inkling:

idea, clue

Synonyms of Inkling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inkling:

Sentence/Example of Inkling:

So, most of my research always comes from inklings that the conventional wisdom might be wrong.

This was before we had any inkling that a pandemic was about to shake us all down to our foundations.

It’s an inkling of the promise of cinema, and also the limitations of cinema.

Unsatisfied with the world she knew, Keller was tormented by her inkling that there was much more to know, and she extended this torment to the people around her.

While most had an inkling that some of their audience already gambles on sports — and more are betting-curious — the publishers are all in a race to try and figure out how to entertain, serve and grow that audience.

To suppose, as many do, that no inkling of all the stupendous schemes reached Napoleon in Spain is preposterous.

The bourgeois conscience of the West has no inkling of what it means.

I got my first inkling of what intervalness instead of numberness really meant.

Why did you leave London secretly, without giving your friends or your mother any inkling of your plans?

Then catching an inkling of Franz's scheme, he hit the man a quick, hard blow in the mouth with his clenched fist.