Inlaying [verb]

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Not only were the Britons expert in ordinary metal-work but they are believed to have invented the art of enamelled-inlay.

With illustrations and inlay cover picture by Harrison Fisher.

This is actually done with the working drawing by the inlay cutter.

Wheel-lock of blued steel, with gold and silver inlay, and wheel-guard of tracery in thin gold.

The whole of the front lacks repose, a condition which is intensified by the black and white inlay of the flat surfaces.

The floor is a grand example of opus Alexandrinum inlay, and is as good in this respect as the best in Italy.

The lower portion of the walls of the aisles is composed of marble slabs separated from one another by inlay of Moorish design.

From the delicately wrought Buhl table the silver inlay had been harshly stripped out of its bed of shell.

The skilled workers, whose deft fingers and trained vision produce the exquisite silver inlay designs, get as much as a shilling.

Fill up the parts cut out in Illustration 65 with coloured stuff, and it would be inlay.