Inlets [noun]

Definition of Inlets:

arm of the sea

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Sentence/Example of Inlets:

From there, paddle out southward to the Turnagain Arm bore tide, an up to ten-foot wave that usually occurs twice daily, when the incoming ocean tide meets the outgoing water from the inlet.

Expect to spin up to 55 miles a day, cruising along rugged inlets, past award-winning vineyards, and into soaring alps.

I tested this kayak in the back of a new inlet cut by Hurricane Sandy through a barrier beach on Long Island’s South Shore.

Four miles to the north of Smoky Cape is an inlet having a bar harbour, on which there is but eight feet water.

The western side of the inlet is occupied by a bank of clay, that dries at low water.

The harbour, formed by the estuary of the river and Yellow Mill Pond, an inlet, is excellent.

It, too, lay in a narrow valley between rugged mountains at the head of a deep inlet.

On the 7th, off New River Inlet, we discovered a small sail standing to the northward.

The names of two rivers, or the two words combined may mean the clear water of a deep cove or inlet.

A mile or two east of Moultrie is Beach Inlet, where a powerful battery had been erected.