Innards [noun]

Definition of Innards:

internal organs

Synonyms of Innards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Innards:


Sentence/Example of Innards:

So saying, he let the grateful sunlight into the Dromedary's innards.

Flopping over on his stomach, endeavoring to hold down the last remnants of his innards, he begged to be left alone.

I simply know that she's full of water aft and has got something serious the matter with her innards.

She would probably think it a very huge joke that she had been born with innards that made her different from everybody else.

Immediately, Scraggsy, me an' Mac decided you might hate our innards but just the same you needed us in your business.

Yes, sar; she done h'ist two out ob her innards, and done took two more from de fort.

And here I was, likely to be scalped or burned to death, and my innards just a griping and a yearning for a b-bit of solid food.

Jenkins felt a wave of blackness wash over him, a terrible wrenching at his innards, and a sudden thrust.

It isn't the grind I mind, though that is bad enough; it is the 'Commercial Idea' that eats into a man's innards.

Then these glorified flytraps got mad at what was happening to their innards and decided to fight even harder for survival?