Innate [adjective]

Definition of Innate:

inherited, native

Synonyms of Innate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Innate:

Sentence/Example of Innate:

Mouse organs sent to space also had higher levels of RNAs that play a role in the body’s innate immunity.

I have always had this innate passion for helping others, and that along with my entrepreneurial spirit, I knew I wanted to do something good for motherhood.

There's an innate immune response that is triggered when cells sense they're infected.

When animals are routinely attracted to humans and their food, they often become habituated to human presence, meaning they lose their innate fear of us.

When Lohmann dropped newly hatched turtles into these conditions, they swam into the waves, just as their innate programming instructed them to—and as a result, they went the wrong way.

A lot of the time we can look beyond these challenges because we have an innate need to explore our curiosity.

Humans may have this innate biological need to see each other.

There are likely some innate behavioral differences between human males and females, but the extent of these are extremely hard to gauge.

She is always attired in black, and is utterly careless in dress, yet nothing can conceal her innate elegance of figure.

He had the innate slant of mind that properly belongs to a moderator of mass meetings called to aggravate a crisis.