Innervation [noun]

Definition of Innervation:

sensation, especially of touch

Synonyms of Innervation:

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Sentence/Example of Innervation:

However, the innervation for convergence may be lost, without the internal recti losing in elastic tension.

Their centres of innervation will therefore be stabbed as well, with the leisure which the Mantis, now put out of action, permits.

The sting must therefore aim at the cervical ganglia, the seat of innervation on which the rest of the organism depends.

This increase of innervation is not confined to the muscles which need to be more strongly contracted.

The term local effort is used to describe the direct innervation of the throat muscles.

The second important element is the innervation of the muscles in consequence of movement merely seen.

The innervation was not given for the intrinsic foot musculature.

The fundamental factors of thought and action, as Spitzka terms them, are two: perceptions and motor innervation.

A separate innervation exists for the muscles and sensory surfaces of the trunk.

Each ganglion of the ventral chain is formed mainly for the innervation of the appendages.