Innocents [noun]

Definition of Innocents:

someone or something sacrificed, preyed upon

Synonyms of Innocents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Innocents:

Sentence/Example of Innocents:

For the benefit of innocents who do not know what poaching is like, I will give an idea of this one dog's depredations.

So, when one of these innocents falls among our hungry band, it is something terrible.

Many a time have I seen these interesting little missives being let down past my balcony—how trustful the innocents were!

Monsieur Levrault was an honest citizen who had grown rich by selling cloth near the Market of the Innocents.

Thenceforth the innocents and near-innocents could get their perunaese jag only at the risk of a bad quarter of an hour.

The 'Tramp' contains better usage without doubt, but it lacks the "color" which gives the Innocents its perennial charm.

Hotten had already pirated The Innocents, and had it on the market before Routledge could bring out the authorized edition.

The success of the Innocents naturally made a thrifty publisher like Bliss anxious for a second experiment.

Futhermore, he knew that other publishers were besieging the author of the Innocents; a disquieting thought.

The Innocents Abroad is more soul-satisfying than its successor, more poetic; more sentimental, if you will.