Innominate [adjective]

Definition of Innominate:

unknown, anonymous

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Sentence/Example of Innominate:

The ischium (fig. 78, 9) is a wide flattened bone forming the posterior part of the innominate bone.

The right and left innominate arteries arise from the aortic trunk and give rise to the common carotid and subclavian arteries.

This was no London that he knew, this scented city of Spring, this tropic gloom, this mad innominate cavern that engorged them.

Innominate aneurysm may be of the fusiform or of the sacculated variety, and is frequently associated with pouching of the aorta.

The available operative measures are proximal ligation of the innominate, and distal ligation.

The left innominate vein crosses the artery in front from left to right, and must be drawn down.

The sacro-innominate articulation consists of the sacro-iliac joint and the sacro-sciatic ligaments.

The cup-shaped cavity of the innominate bone for receiving the head of the femur.

Left brachial artery arising from a common innominate trunk, instead of coming off separately from the aortic arch.

The inferior thyroid veins which drop their blood into the innominate are obstructed by valves at their junction.