Innovating [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Innovating:

Then broke forth the hostile sentiments of the Whitford Wesleyans against this rash and innovating preacher.

The Kurds came and reconnoitred, and cursed the inventive and innovating Englishman up hill and down dale.

The brooding spirit of the East can be trusted to defend itself against the innovating West.

These examinations have subdued or rejected all innovating intelligences.

Fox is shown as the arch-director of this innovating agitation:—'day next, a charity sermon by the Rev. Charles Fox.'

Laws to be made on the spur of the present occasion, and all innovating laws to be limited in their duration.

Old forms or times of worship have needed changing, or an innovating individual has taken a hand temporarily.

It was not, then, Marshall's declaring an act of Congress to be unconstitutional that was innovating or revolutionary.

On certain subjects there is a demand for protection against innovating views.

This picture, apart from its beauty, is interesting as an illustration of the innovating courage of Vermeer.