Innovations [noun]

Definition of Innovations:

change, novelty

Synonyms of Innovations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Innovations:

Sentence/Example of Innovations:

On the other hand, there are many innovations since American administration superseded the native civil government.

Even among the men of the day, corrupted and distracted as they are by foreign innovations, could real strength be found?

The complainants had unwisely mixed the charge of disloyal speeches, etc., with Church innovations.

The new pontiff-king had effected many innovations in religious ceremonies.

Scientific innovations have been slow in reaching it, and specimens of barbarian usage are far from rare.

The "penitentiarying" of Newt himself had been only the inaugural of more sweeping and hateful innovations.

Robertson approved of these innovations, but he was never more than half a realist, and this from several causes.

Cato declared that he was for no innovations whatever; yet he made them more than ever indispensable by his own opposition.

This is a feeling in which time and modern innovations work no change, and it is one of old-standing.

During the following week certain innovations took place in Mrs. Roberts well-ordered household.