Innovator [noun]

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In fact, Piquet’s triumph laid the ground for bigger wins for the company — and for electric racing cars more broadly, as they emerge as innovators leading the automobile industry’s transition to clean energy.

That a lack of regulations might obstruct innovators like Taylor might be counterintuitive to some.

If we let Google continue its anticompetitive ways, we will lose the next wave of innovators and Americans may never get to benefit from the “next Google.”

Rather than a genius innovator, Salazar comes off as someone eager to spend Nike cash on the latest performance-enhancing gadgetry in order to throw whatever he can at his athletes and see what sticks.

Over the last couple of decades investors, NGOs, and innovators have been building solar-powered mini-grids to serve small communities in rural areas as a way to help close this gap.

Every car brand will go through certain ups and downs and some negative reviews, specifically if they take risks and are an innovator.

Traditional insurers are running scared of climate crises, but a range of new age innovators are using smart tech to offer models that could reshape the industry.

This, von Hippel tells us, has led to a vibrant community of medical home innovators.

La Bruyre, though a shrewd observer, has the daring of an innovator, but always remains very guarded in his language.

As a scene-painter, De Loutherbourg was decidedly an innovator and reformer.