Inoculate [verb]

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At least 70% of a population needs to be inoculated to create herd immunity, and governments could easily achieve that rate of coverage if they demanded vaccines for all.

For a vaccine to work, at least 90% of the population needs to be inoculated.

That, he says, would buy time to create a vaccine whose safety is fully understood before trying to inoculate billions of people.

Casanova gathered data on children in France who were inoculated between 1974 and 1994.

It inoculated the first volunteer with its candidate vaccine on March 16, just 63 days after the virus’s genetic makeup was revealed.

The surest method is to inoculate a small portion of the mixture with a minute crystal of the substance we expect to be formed.

As all these cultures are of virulent diseases, inoculate Inner N'gombi until intact tubes recovered.

Now fill two fermentation tubes with the bouillon, tint with litmus solution, and sterilise; inoculate with B. lactis aerogenes.

Inoculate the liquefied medium and label it, etc., precisely as if dealing with a tube of bouillon.

Inoculate the plates in series of three, as described for gelatine surface plates 3-8.