Inordinate [adjective]

Definition of Inordinate:

excessive, extravagant

Opposite/Antonyms of Inordinate:

Sentence/Example of Inordinate:

What’s more, the Capitol insurrection on January 6 featured an inordinate number of veterans in the attacking mob.

But the inordinate and fortuitous gains from land are really only one example from a general class.

She slid into the silence with a technicality, asking if John still took his old inordinate amount of sugar.

The companies are declared to be impoverished by the taking of inordinate numbers of apprentices.

And was the empty purse supposed to be especially significant of an inordinate fondness for phonograph music—or what?

He fought back his despair, his jealousy, his inordinate fear.

He had, however, become independent at too early an age, and this had brought into play his natural inordinate vanity.

He had, like most Frenchmen, an inordinate vanity, and loved incense from all ranks and conditions.

Age, probably in consequence of inordinate precautions, had left no mark upon his hands; and the Maltroit hand was famous.

Their opponents accepted the issue, and resolved to circumscribe the duke's inordinate powers.