Inpouring [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inpouring:

It consisted of a great outpouring ( or rather inpouring ) of the rural population, in their own conveyances.

Now, as I thought of it, I suddenly remembered my dream of being similarly smothered in the Gnomons by slowly inpouring grain.

The sudden inpouring illuminated the room so vividly that Dick's heart missed a beat.

This discovery of gold in California and the remarkable inpouring of men that followed, meant very much to the United States.

We have fulness—fulness, it may be, produced by outward stimulus, or else by an inpouring of the Spirit.

Its relief was one of the first tasks which presented itself to the inpouring army corps.

What was it that had awakened her—what in awakening had changed the inpouring human consciousness into this flood of fury?

The constantly inpouring crowd and weird music is kept up the whole day, year in and year out.

That inpouring grace grows swiftly in power, as the strength of the sun grows with the passing of the year.

Dacier welted at the station, a good figure of a sentinel over his luggage and a spy for one among the inpouring passengers.