Input [noun]

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Canix’s solution employs a robust enterprise resource planning platform with a steep tilt toward reducing the time it takes to input data.

Caputo had defended Alexander’s work as merely providing input and noted that this advice was often not heeded.

Show them you appreciate their input by offering a small discount or another incentive once the survey is completed.

We developed a phased approach to returning to work that is driven by data and input from medical experts.

I clicked on the news tab and would search the articles from the past week or the past 24 hours and then I would input those articles into my spreadsheet.

In other words, public shareholders in the company will likely legally have zero input into the governance of the company.

For now on the open exchange, “publishers’ pages are scraped by third-party vendors and contextual buying decisions are made by these intermediaries with no input or control from the publisher,” said Aydemir.

You write that the parties “control the inputs to modern campaigning and governing.”

In addition, the show manages to get the science right and has taken input from synthetic biologists to capture a few key topics and cultural bits for a mainstream audience.

Focusing more on impact and outcomes and less on input and face time.