Inputting [verb]

Definition of Inputting:

transfer data from one computer system to another

Synonyms of Inputting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inputting:


Sentence/Example of Inputting:

He’ll get a game plan geared more toward him — and likely with significant input from him.

Let me know if you ever want my input on a game plan or anything.

Oceanside’s police chief, Frank McCoy, is ready to retire, and the city was poised to consider only internal candidates to replace him, without seeking community input.

If you aren’t ready to completely restructure your operations just yet, start by establishing an outside-in approach to idea generation by pulling in members of other departments for input and new concepts.

The models will continue to improve, and you can quickly see how refining your own inputs can influence the outputs.

However, one should win with honor I am certain that the voters in this district will make an informed choice on who will represent them in Congress without my input.

The most consequential change is the new control scheme to account for the Switch’s input limitations compared to the Wii U, something that feels more like a subtraction than addition.

“I felt like my identity was welcome but my knowledge and input were not,” Gordon said in a statement describing the problems that led to her resignation.

And, the letter argued, school principals should have had input in identifying their most vulnerable children.

Faced with legislation on which they’ve had no real input, many members opt for “leave it” — and the bills get stuck in legislative limbo, without enough support to pass a divided Congress.