Inquiries [noun]

Definition of Inquiries:

asking; looking into

Opposite/Antonyms of Inquiries:

Sentence/Example of Inquiries:

He told, in answer to the volumes of inquiries that everything was all right, and that the book would appear soon.

Aunty Rosa made personal inquiries as to Black Sheep's progress and received information that startled her.

In reply to further inquiries, he told the story as he had heard it in France.

She checked these useless inquiries; they gave rise to painful and humiliating conjectures.

He was on his way to make some inquiries of a firm of solicitors, Messrs. Kedge and Reck, strangers to him in all but name.

Personal inquiries, private affairs can be cosily chatted over.

She at once went up to the boy, and made earnest inquiries into the cause of his distress.

He will best begin his inquiries by getting a clear notion of the fact that the moon goes round the earth.

Commercials frequent it; although inquiries have not yet discovered what commercial gentlemen sell at Petersfield.

On the next day, further search was made, and the inquiries renewed, but with no better success.