Inquisitor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Inquisitor:

But don't adopt the role of inquisitor—because I'm as good as dead, and dead men tell no tales.

It would not take two minutes to convert him from the inquisitor to the martyr at the stake.

The members were all seated, but they rose; the President, the Inquisitor, and two assisting Judges.

The Inquisitor did not make his appearance till noon, and then informed us that it was time to go.

When the ranchman did not reply, his inquisitor seemed amused.

Cartwright was unquestionably learned and devout, but his bigotry was that of a mediæval inquisitor.

But, of old time, an inquisitor was always 'a horrid-looking fellow, as beseemed his trade.'

No Spanish inquisitor ever inflicted such complete dismay in so short a sentence.

How do you know that he will not send it to one of the gossiping journals like the 'Household Inquisitor'?

Shortly afterwards the new cardinal of Spain was appointed grand inquisitor-general for Castile and Leon.