Inquisitorial [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inquisitorial:

But conversation will not bear such inquisitorial pinning down to a particular point.

This was merely a modified form of the inquisitorial principle which reigned more openly in other countries.

But neither Scrooby, nor any other place, was secure from the inquisitorial interference of the high church functionaries.

Casting a quick, inquisitorial glance at Sue, he shrugged his shoulders in token of indifference and said no more.

Fire, not water, became the grand element of inquisitorial purification.

It can begin operations to-morrow, according to inquisitorial laws.

The inquisitorial proceedings, as they are termed by the German jurists, are identical with our ancient presentments.

But in the inquisitorial process, the delinquent was allowed, according to our older code, to run the risk of the ordeal.

It is so suggestive of inquisitorial procedure in such matters that it is worthy of examination in some detail.

When this peculiar inquisitorial function was abandoned, does not clearly appear.