Inroads [noun]

Definition of Inroads:

advance, foray

Synonyms of Inroads:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inroads:

Sentence/Example of Inroads:

After ten years of wedded life she died before her parents, having made great inroads upon Gedeon Brunner's property.

He caused his mother sorrow, by a dissolute life and by forcible inroads on the maternal purse.

Engagements and constant requests for his services made great inroads upon his time.

Anciently the Magnetes were utterly extirpated by Treres, a Cimmerian tribe, who for a long period made successful inroads.

This well-favoured and comely girl soon made appreciable inroads upon the emotional constitution of young Farmer Oak.

He was raised up to erect barriers against fresh inroads of barbarians.

Blake and Hamilton were soon making inroads, each on his own particular sphere of work.

He longs to rescue individuals, to protect communities from the inroads of these destroying agencies.

Moab was more exposed to the inroads of its nomadic neighbours from the wilderness than its sister-kingdom of Ammon.

Some unknown sorrow had made great inroads even upon her beauty.