Insane [adjective]

Definition of Insane:

mentally ill; foolish

Synonyms of Insane:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insane:

Sentence/Example of Insane:

One question I asked him was whether he considered himself clinically insane.

It was insane how quickly this post spread and people started sharing with each other.

To better position your title tag, use high impact, power words like best, exclusive, insane, and so on.

It’s insane to me that I am still told by some nurses that they have to reuse their masks for two weeks.

The sea shanty arose midway through the last millennium as a breed of work-song for sailors to while away the time, forge communal bonds, and generally keep from going insane.

I even started getting scared that I was going insane with the pain.

First off, there’s Tesla’s stock, which is insane—up over 1,000% since the summer of 2019, giving the company a market value north of half a trillion.

The pandemic has changed the way we view the many previously held ways of doing things, which has led to some insane gains in certain stocks that have been able to capitalize.

There’s an insane amount of talent out there, and I’m pleased to see the demand grow as couples become more educated about what wedding photography can be.

With everyone getting into meditation as we all slowly go insane and the world ends, this Muse headband monitors your brain activity while you meditate and produces customized soundscapes to keep you centered.