Insatiable [adjective]

Definition of Insatiable:

voracious, wanting

Synonyms of Insatiable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insatiable:

Sentence/Example of Insatiable:

Mankind, mad with the energy of activity, would be seen to pursue the fleeing phantom of insatiable desire.

Sometimes he spent the whole night upon some score he wished to lay before his insatiable teacher on the following day.

The insatiable thirst for that which is beyond and which veils life, is the most lively proof of our immortality.

The woolly stems of the millet, likewise, defied their insatiable appetites.

Each side considers its own interests exclusively, and religious opinions are but a cloak for insatiable ambition.

She washed and dressed and fed the baby, and satisfied what she could of his insatiable demands for play.

The Apaches, who had probably made their cruel journey without flasks, seemed for the moment insatiable and utterly reckless.

His parsimony went to the extreme of meanness; his avarice was insatiable and restless.

The insatiable craving for anatomy grew upon him, and as it did so other sections of medicine were neglected.

Hollister's profits were accelerating, the fruit of an insatiable market, of inflated prices.