Inscribed [verb]

Definition of Inscribed:

imprint, write

Synonyms of Inscribed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inscribed:


Sentence/Example of Inscribed:

Jennie Guilfoyle, who lives in the District, plans to bake cupcakes with “B” and “H” inscribed in icing to hand out to friends in her neighborhood.

Each of these sticks is inscribed with a certain number, corresponding with a sentence in a book of proverbs.

At the entrance stands an obelisk fifty feet high, and on it are inscribed the names of his victims.

On another tomb is inscribed, "Allicius, thy spirit is blessed; pray for thy parents!"

The man who had calmly smiled in my face as he handed me back that empty envelope inscribed with the wild appeal, 'Is it you?'

Our duty is inscribed upon that banner—to defend with arms the franchises of our city.

As for the buttons inscribed with mottoes they became insignificant units in the millions of pebbles on the beach.

On an oval Tablet on the front of the Urn are inscribed the underwritten Lines.

Above the insertions of these branches and below, they inscribed in the bark of the tree the word Thau, by which they meant God.

One night in his life proved him to be minted of fine metal, and that night inscribed his name forever in history.