Inscriptions [noun]

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The countless inscriptions and reliefs showered upon his sight bewilderingly.

A country parish clerk, being asked how the inscriptions on the tombs in the church-yard were so badly spelled?

Although nearly two hundred inscriptions have been discovered, not one of either pagan or Christian character has been met with.

The following inscriptions from the Catacombs are the only records of the victims of persecution whose names they bear.

I send you a few of the most remarkable inscriptions, with one or two notes on the subject.

The walls are painted with stiff flowers and miserable trees, between which are some inscriptions.

In this quest many paintings, sculptures, and inscriptions were destroyed or defaced of which no record has been preserved.

Inscriptions are placed above the paintings in order that the letter may explain what the hand has depicted.

The testimony of the early Christian inscriptions is not less strikingly opposed to the modern Mariolatry of the church of Rome.

Moreover, the inscriptions on hieroglyphic rocks in these abandoned cities evidently refer to Amazons.