Inscrutableness [noun]

Definition of Inscrutableness:

puzzle, secret

Opposite/Antonyms of Inscrutableness:

Sentence/Example of Inscrutableness:

My wonder was excited by the inscrutableness of the cause, but my wonder was unmixed with sorrow or fear.

The inscrutableness however of the mystery they contained, did not suffice to overwhelm my courage.

Ah Cho pondered their inscrutableness as he sat in the court room waiting the judgment.

But our soul's arches underfit into its; and so, prevent the upper arch from falling on us with unsustainable inscrutableness.

Sometimes, wrought to a mystic mood by contemplating its ponderous inscrutableness, Pierre had called it the Terror Stone.

That atmosphere seems only renderable in words by the term Inscrutableness.

Mr. Spencer finds the basis of all religion in the inscrutableness of the Power which the universe manifests to us.

And so much the more that it was so subterranean in him, so much the more did he feel its weird inscrutableness.

Nor did Lise enlighten him, being gifted with a certain inscrutableness.