Insensate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Insensate:

Cease, then, to love me with this insensate fever which wrecks the nights of your people, and love me as I love you.

But what arguments will these emissaries advance in order to rouse the masses to these insensate migrations?

Out of this insensate hell come the impossible statues that grin about our cities.

They tumbled him aboard, where he lay in an insensate heap, drooling spit and making incoherent, bubbling noises.

He forgot even what share her mother might claim; not to mention what in her might belong to the Sum of Things, the insensate Pan.

The nature of the man loosed itself in a sudden, an insensate spurt of fury, the complement of its accustomed dark restraint.

Gifted with a high intelligence and a rare energy, Catiline could not have meditated a thing so insensate as massacre and burning.

Thus Athens, crushed under servitude, expiated cruelly her insensate joy.

Only the urge behind and beyond life guided and impelled me on my upward journey, blind, insensate, inexorable.

This insensate Hebrew attributed his atrocious invention to Moses, at a time when nothing was rarer than books.