Insensible [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Insensible:

There lay Bob Rock, covered with blood, and apparently insensible.

From that his mind slipped easily into another question—how she could be so insensible to the pain she caused him?

In spite of this he never moved a muscle, and lay, as if insensible to feeling, upon the ground.

He had often been floored by argument and coughed down by contempt, but he seemed alike insensible to sarcasm and to insult.

I was knocked almost insensible during the fight for the boat so I am not sure what happened during the next few minutes.

Madame Roland seemed, however, perfectly insensible to personal fear.

The bitter recollection cherishingWithin my breast, to every voice my heart,To every face, insensible remained.

The tightness of dress obstructs the insensible perspiration hurtfully, and produces an irregular circulation.

I remember no more of that day, nor indeed of many days after, for I lay insensible, and my spirit hovered between life and death.

Here he sunk insensible, and we stood around him weeping; for he was an affectionate lad, and we all loved him as a brother.